Do’s & Don’ts

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Complete Solution

An aluminum air piping system made by AIRnet is a total solution to your compressed air needs. AIRnet has the highest quality aluminum pipes with a complete range of fittings that are both strong and easy to assemble. The pipes are both lightweight and easy to cut. The fittings are the easiest to assemble on the market - not requiring any welding or gluing. This results in a system that is fast, simple, and can be assembled by less people in less time.

AIRnet's industry leading quality and technical features; low pressure drop, corrosion free, and lowest risk of leakage, will reduce the need for maintenance while keeping your energy consumption low. Now combined with the industry leading 10 year warranty and you have the best aluminum compressed air system on the market.


Leakage Free

AIRnet fittings are made of engineered polymer with 30% fiberglass (3/4" - 2"). This enusres a corrosion-free, leakage-free installation, and eliminate energy waste.


AIRnet's fittings let you custom build a compressed air system that conform to your specific production needs. You can affix to walls or hang from ceiling with threaded rod (all thread).

Constant Air Quality

AIRnet conveys consistant quality air from generation to point of utilization, protecting equipment and manufacturing processes.

Easy Identification

AIRnet's compressed air piping is powder coated with industry standard blue or green coloring. This allows for easily identifiable networks.

Low Pressure drop

AIRnet's patented fittings have a full flow design that eliminates air flow restrictions. This design ensures the user of the lowest possible pressure drop.