AIRnet Compressed Air Pipe


AIRnet Compressed Air Pipe

AIRnet's compressed air lines are made of corrosion resistant aluminum.  For most manufacturer's that is enough.  Not AIRnet, our compressed air lines come with an additional anti corrosion coating, both inside and out.  This ensures that your compressed air piping system is efficient when installed and continues to provide clean, energy efficient air long into the future.

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Product Description

Compressed Air Pipe

Colored Blue in Accordance with Industry Standards.  The Blue Color Allows for Easy Identification for Emergency Response Workers.


Sizes 3/4" - 2"                         Available Length - 9.35 ft


Sizes 3/4" - 6"                         Available Length - 18.7 ft


Available Sizes:
20mm - 3/4"
25mm - 1"
40mm - 1 1/2"
50mm - 2"
63mm - 2 1/2"
80mm - 3"
100mm - 4"
158mm - 6"

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Prepare Pipe for Installation

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