FRL’s- Filter Regulators Lubricators / Auto Drains

Filter Regulator LubricatorFilter RegulatorAuto Drain – Condensate

FRL’s- Filter Regulators Lubricators / Auto Drains

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Product Description

Shop for a filter regulator or filter lubricator today to aide your shop environment or industrial projects. Filter regulators will help regulate the air pressure through your shop hose or spiral hose at the point of use. In addition, filter regulator lubricators will keep your tools properly oiled and ready for use when needed.

Replacement cartridges, convert ports, mounting blocks, and replacement pressure gauges are available for purchase separately for your FRL system. Aluminum Air Pipe offers a large selection of compressed air pipe system accessories, compressed air pipes, pipe fittings, and other industrial supplies. Shop conveniently online and save!

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Weight lbs

Auto Drain 1″ NPT
Auto Drain 3/4″ NPT
Filter Reg / Lub 1″ NPT
Filter Reg / Lub 3/4″ NPT
Filter Regulator 1″ NPT
Filter Regulator 3/4″ NPT
Pressure Regulator 1″ NPT
Pressure Regulator 3/4″ NPT
Replacement Cartridges 5 micron
Replacement Pressure Gauge