Compressed Air Pipe Installation Tools

The two most important factors when working on a compressed air pipe installation project is to have the proper instructions and appropriate tools. If you do not have a correct understanding of how to complete the project, you will most likely not finish the compressed air pipe installation project, or you will complete the air pipe installation incorrectly resulting in a massive waste of money and time. In order to correctly install compressed air pipes in your system, you must have the proper tools. If you do not have the proper compressed air pipe tools for installation, you will not be able to complete the installation project no matter how experienced you are with the process. Listed below are some of the most important tools that you will need to complete your compressed air pipe projects.

Common Compressed Air Pipe Tools

Pipe Depth Gauge: This is the single most important tool to ensure a proper installation.  It is used for measuring the depth at which your specific air pipe is inserted into the fittings. Without this tool, you run the risk of not inserting the pipe deep enough into the fitting. Consequently, you are at risk of the pipe coming apart under pressure. With different gauges for all air pipe sizes, our pipe depth gauge is designed to help you accurately measure the depth of your air pipe.

Pipe Cutters: Our compressed air pipes are at the top-of-the-line in the industry. So to accurately cut them you will need a quality pipe cutter. Our manual compressed air pipe cutters are designed to accurately and efficiently cut piping that is ¾’’ to 6’’ wide. Our pipe cutters will allow you to cut compressed air piping with ease

Pipe Deburrer: This product is simply used to smooth and chamfers the edges and ridges of pipes that you have cut for your compressed air pipe installation. Properly measuring and cutting air pipes is very important when installing compressed air pipe into your system. However, if you do not smooth out the edges of the cut pipes, you will run the risk of damaging the orings inside the fittings.

Pen Style Deburrer: Just like our pipe deburrer, the pen style deburrer is designed to smooth out the edges of cut air pipes. The pen style deburrer is primarily designed to smooth out the inner part of a piece of cut piping. This deburrer can work in large holes ranging from 2‘’ to 6’’, and smaller holes from ¾ ‘’ to 2’’.  This is especially useful when installing quick drops.

Hole Saw: Hole Saws are used to properly cut holes in pipes. Ranging from 14mm and 24mm sizing, our hole saws are used for adding a quick drop fitting to your compressed air piping. These hole saws used in combination with the arbor are of the highest quality allowing you to accurately cut a hole in your pipe.

Spanner Wrenches: The spanner wrench is used to loosen and tighten most fittings. Without a spanner wrench, you will not be able to tighten your pipe fittings successfully (sizes 2 ½” & 3”). Consequently, you are at risk of a pipe leak, which will ultimately cost you time and money to properly repair the compressed air pipe system. Due to the unique push to connect design of the ¾”-2” fittings, the spanner wrench, for these sizes, is only used to loosen the fitting if the need to disassemble arises. Our spanner wrenches come in different sizes to help you with a variety of compressed air pipe projects.  All spanner wrenches also have a depth gauge built into the handle for easy measuring.

Completing Compressed Air Line Systems

If you want to complete your compressed air project, it is crucial that you have the proper set of tools. Not only does Aluminum Air Pipe have the previously listed tools, but we have a full line of compressed air piping tool kits to help you complete your projects. We also have an extensive list of compressed air pipes, fittings, and hanging materials. Allow Aluminum Air Pipe to help you finish your compressed air pipe project. Shop for tools in our online store or Contact us today!

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