Compressed Air Pipes for Wood Shops

compressed air pipe woodshops

Having an efficient and working compressed air pipe system is crucial to managing a successful and effective wood shop. The tools you regularly use, such as staple and nail guns, drills, routers, and sanders often require compressed air systems to work, and without compressed air being delivered in the right amount at the right time, your shop could face downtime and inefficiencies that cost your company more money than it would to invest in a compressed air tubing system.


AIRnet Pipes Save Wood Shops Money

Aluminum, galvanized steel, and copper are all common materials used in compressed air systems, however, they are not all as efficient as the others. In fact, aluminum air pipe systems are more cost-efficient than the once popular galvanized steel pipes. There are a variety of ways using a compressed air pipe system can save your woodshop money:

  • The smooth inner surface results in a low friction factor, saving money on the electricity bill.
  • The low-pressure drop remains constant over time so you don't need to replace the piping as frequently.
  • They require a lower loading pressure that lowers the power consumption.
  • They do not corrode and stay clean so no extra protection or frequent replacements are needed.
  • AIRnet fittings are leak free.
  • They can be installed by one person without training or specialized tools.


Building Your Woodshop Compressed Aluminum Air System

Before you build the perfect aluminum piping for your woodshop, you need to have an idea of what exactly you want to use the compressed air for. Blowing sawdust off your workspace and using a sander require different amounts of pressure, so your piping system needs to account for that. You'll also need to consider the layout and where you want the compressor, as they can be loud. If you need help with your AIRnet system, use our free design services to help.

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