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Compressed Air Piping Systems & Air Lines

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AIRnet Aluminum Pipe

AIRnet's compressed air piping system offers pipe sizes from 3/4" to 6"

Click on picture to view our inventory of aluminum pipes, s-bends, clips and spacers.

AIRnet Fittings including push to connect PF series

AIRnet's compressed air line pipes have a full compliment of fittings that are designed to reduce energy consumption and to be quickly and easily installed.  Combined with the smooth inner bore of the aluminum pipes and fittings you will have the most advanced compressed air piping system on the market, keeping your energy bills low now and long into the future.

FP AIRnet Accessories

AIRnet accessories are the perfect solution for connecting ancillary equipment to your compressed air lines.

FP AIRnet Tools

View our inventory of AIRnet tools including , pipe markers, deburrer, hole saws, tubing cutters and more.  We have everything you will need to install your compressed air piping system.

Designing Your System

Let our experienced technical staff properly size your compressed air lines and design the most cost efficient AIRnet system for you.  We will not only design your system we will also prepare a quote so you can see exactly what the best compressed air piping system on the market will cost.  AIRnet has redesigned their fittings (3/4" - 2") with the most advanced push to connect design.  Not only are these fittings faster to assemble, they are also the most advanced fittings on the market.  No other system offers higher pressure rating (232 psi),  temperature rating, and vacuum rating (0.013 absolute).

If you would like a quote using the highest quality system on the market go to the Design Center tab and answer a few basic questions to get our team working for you today!

This service is offered as a courtesy and is free of charge to all our customers.   

Don't Be Fooled!

All blue pipe is not the same.  There is always a poor imitation when a top quality and innovative product like the AIRnet compressed air piping system is brought to the market.  AIRnet pipes and fittings have been designed and tested in accordance with the highest industry standards: Dont' put your employees at risk with lower quality systems made in China, AIRnet's compressed air lines are the best in the industry.


- One hour high pressure test. - Leakage test based on vibration cycle at differrent frequncies - Burst pressure test - Leakage test based on pressure pulsation test


See our compliancy and performance criteria